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Fiddlers Green at Good Time Park is located within walking distance of shops, restaurants, galleries, the Harness Horse Museum, Goshen Historic Race Track, Heritage Trail, Legoland Park and much more…

Fiddlers Green Apartments offers the best of all worlds with its modern state of the art design and construction, replete with aesthetically charming exteriors, reminiscent of Goshen‘s grand historic mansions.
Fiddler’s Green property provides ample gardens, walking paths, a bird preserve and Finan’s Pond… to name just a few amenities that make it an ideal place to live, work and play.
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Goshen Development LLC is committed to resourcing development solutions that enhance Goshen’s economic, social and environmental prosperity.

We believe the highest and best use of our community’s assets must incorporate ‘historic pillars’ on which we’ll continue to write our unique chapter of the ‘America Story’.

Goshen’s history offers several pillars…

The County Seat of ‘The Most Colorful County in the Hudson Valley’ – Orange County

The Birthplace of Jazz great, Willie ‘The Lion’ Smith

The Home of the Trotting Horse Museum

The Home of The Goshen Historic Racetrack

The Home of New York’s First Hambletonian Race Track, ‘Good Time Park’


The Hambletonian started in 1926 in Syracuse, New York then went to Lexington, Kentucky for three years and in 1930 Billy Cane brought it to Goshen, New York, where the Hambletonian remained until 1956 (with the exception of 1943 when it was held in Yonkers NY due to the wartime gas rationing).

The Hambletonian Races at Good Time Park drew the largest crowds in Goshen’s history. But after its owner and promoter, William H. (Billy) Cane, passed away in 1956, the folks of Yonkers Raceway held title and let the land lay fallow and Goshen soon forgot its illustrious Good Time Park.

Good Time Park

Good Time Park can once again be the game changing asset that Goshen needs.

Travelers and tourists will be welcomed with ease to Orange County’s Capital, Trot Town USA, home of music, arts and architectural diversity. Visitors will also be encouraged to experience Goshen’s parks, historic racetracks, museum, shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs where they could enjoy some of the Hudson Valley’s Best contemporary jazz musicians…

Talk about your Good Time!

Goshen Development LLC, intends to be a valued ‘team player’ and timely influential asset in Goshen’s future development solutions for environmental, social and economic sustainability for today and tomorrow.

Barbara George
Director of Development


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